Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Is your child safe from inheriting your family’s diseases?

Are you worried that your child may inherit illnesses that afflict your family? Now you have the chance to prevent it from happening. Thanks to the constant dedication of health experts, mothers can now reshape their child’s future by acting early to lessen the risk of having childhood obesity, which can lead to onset of inheritable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and allergies. Fortunately, the risk of developing these diseases may be significantly lowered by paying attention to the milk that your child consumes.

Milk is vital to the growth and development of a child as it contains protein and nutrients which are crucial to a child’s growth and development. When choosing the right milk, it is important to provide the one with optimized protein. Optimized protein is high quality protein at lower quantity that offers the right kind and amount of amino acids that promotes appropriate weight gain and helps reduce the risk of obesity and other non-communicable lifestyle diseases. Moreover, optimized protein with hydrolyzed whey has been proven to help reduce the risk of allergies by 50%.

This most advanced protein can be found in NANKID OPTIPRO FOUR and NANKID OPTIPRO HW FOUR. And now, NANKID gives children a better chance for a healthier future through the NANKID Family Health Screener.

The Family Health Screener is a user-friendly interface that can be accessed through the NANKID website. Parents can simply input information about their health history (blood type, allergies, weight, height, diabetes history, etc.) to learn the possibility that their child may be at risk for food allergies, asthma, diabetes, and obesity, among others. These results can be shared with their doctors to know how to best address their child’s health needs by leveraging on the power of optimized protein.

Help reshape your child’s future health today. Take the Family Health Screener test today to learn more about your child’s possible health risks and discuss with your pediatrician. The sooner you know, the more options you can choose to help build a strong nutritional foundation for life.

To learn more about optimized protein and the NANKID Family Health Screener, visit their website at  

Powdered milk drinks suited for healthy children above 3 years of age, Nestle's NANKID OPTIPRO FOUR and NANKID OPTIPRO HW FOUR are formulated with optimized protein to ensure age-appropriate weight gain. It also has partially hydrolyzed whey for protection against allergies.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Have you ever wondered why you even try?

Did someone take you down and laugh when you cry?

And you still don't know how you even survive?

Well... I feel you bruh. These things happen to me also.

I know it's a bit cliché to write about my problems and rant here in these blog.

Hard Times by Paramore hit me right in my feelings. The lyrics are so relatable.

Yeah you could say that I'm the happy-go-lucky girl whenever you see me on social media or in person. I can get mad, be grumpy or something that can be rude to other person but hey I'm a human. I also have limits.

I would say I'm used to being used, like taking for granted. An option to someone. Let them push me down and let it be. I don't complain at all and it feels like normal to me na.

But sometimes I ask myself

Why did you let them do this to you?

Are you sure you're immune to this?

Is this really normal?

And I came to my senses, this isn't right.

Every night I always cry because they keep blaming those mistakes to me which I didnt do anything that's relate to their problems, I'm the oldest sa magkakapatid.

And since I'm the oldest syempre sa akin sisi. Hindi ko rin naman masisisi sila dahil kapag nakagawa ka ng mistake of course, hindi na sila maniniwala pa.

There's also time before the school ends.
They keep talking about me because I'm the teachers pet of blah blah and I was hurt. I act infront of them like it's no biggie prob.

To all people out there who's been suffering from depression like me.

I know it's like you're living in hell everyday because every night you cry behind those pillows and wake up every morning feeling okay which you're not. But I'm telling you everything's gonna be okay, be brave.

Don't let everyone push you down.

Don't cry when someone bully you.

Don't do anything reckless because your loved ones will be affected if something happens to you.

There are many problems that you will encounter when you're older and be prepared.

Laugh it off if you make mistakes, we're not perfect. Accept your flaws hehe.

We're gonna hit the rock bottom! 😀

Life is a bitch!
You can do it! We can do it!

-Seungyoon ❤

Friday, December 30, 2016

K-beauty Haul: Tony Moly ❤

Annyeong hasseyo chingu! Today I'll be showing you some of my Korean cosmetics that I have today and also my current obsession.

Ever since I became a fangirl, from supporting to BTS, watching k-dramas when I'm bored and even trying to speak hanggul so I can communicate to oppa when I meet him. Buying a Korean skincare product is a #1 for a fangirl to achieve the Korean-look they want.

Let's get started!

~Tony Moly~

TONYMOLY is an urban lifestyle beauty brand popular for the modern and chic woman around the world.

"TONY" which means nice and trendy, and "MOLY" which means included or employed in Japanese, provides 'Total Skin Revolution', for a more radiant, glowing and renewed skin, TONYMOLY strives through research and ethical skin care principles to offer the fountain of youth through careful selection of its products.

Tony Moly has become my #1 favorite Korean cosmetic shop, not just by their kyeopta products but also a budget friendly, they're really not expensive for me.

Banana Sleeping Pack focuses in rich moisturization and nutrition supply. Its really sticky and thick but it has a pleasant smell like a real banana. I wouldn't recommend this to those who doesn't like sticky icky on their faces. Pero kung gusto mo, gora ka bes! Tiis ganda ganern!

#2 Eyetone Matte
Honestly I don't put makeup on my eyes, I'm really not into makeup before but as I grew up I became more conscious and sometimes a bit more mature. At first I thought it was a cream like texture but nope,  it's a matte eye shadow in pink shade and I absolutely like it.


#3 Liptone Cotton Rose

This is my fav liptint evah! I actually tried liptint before but this one captured my heart. What I love about this tint, it has nice smell and comes in cute package. But there's one thing I don't like about this product when it turns upside down or you just stumbled it becomes messy (when it spills). But so far I gave it 4 stars jjang jjang *.*

That's all for today,  so sorry if I barely update becuz due to lack of inspiration - I mean Yoongi is all I need (huehue) and I'm trying my best to be more specific in every blog that I will post.

Tell me your feelings or thoughts about these products that I mention. Have you tried one of these?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Red Ribbon Introduces the New Rainbow Dedication Cake

Red Ribbon’s Dedication Cake has always been a part of every Filipino celebration. The cakes' chocolatey goodness and the special touch from the personalized message written on it never fails to tug at the heartstrings of the family. No wonder, it became a mainstay treat on occasions, especially during birthday parties.

with my siblings CJ and bebe IC

I remember that everytime we celebrate our birthdays my mom always make sure that we have our special cake and its always from our favorite bakeshop, Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication cake.

This time, however, Red Ribbon adds a colorful twist to the delectable treat as it launches the new Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake.

“Red Ribbon Dedication Cake is well-loved by both kids and moms alike. That is why we curated the ultimate kiddie birthday cake through the new Rainbow Dedication Cake," said Ned Bandojo, Head of Marketing of Red Ribbon. "The colorful and chocolatey goodness inside and out will certainly make birthday celebrations even more memorable.”

The said cake is made up of colorful layers filled with luscious chocolate. It is also covered with rich chocolate icing and topped with chocolate rosettes, multi-colored confetti, and lollipops.

"Customers can also put their own heartfelt greeting on the cake because we know how important it is to let our kids know that we love them, especially on their birthday," Bandojo added.

The Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake is now available in two sizes, 8x12 for only P550 and the 8x8 for only P350.00.

“Red Ribbon dedicates this cake to all the moms who want to give their kids the ultimate kiddie birthday treat because we believe that every celebration deserves to be fun, colorful and memorable,” he added.

The new Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake is now available in all Red Ribbon stores nationwide for a limited time until November 30, 2016.

As one of the leading and fastest growing bakeshop chains in the country, the company is dedicated to serving new and exciting flavors of cakes, breads, and pastries that will make each moment with friends and loved ones sweeter.

To know more about Red Ribbon’s many delights, visit

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Rainy Day with Them ❤

Hey guys! I'm back and today i'll show you what I did last Saturday (since I didn't post for like a month)

Me and my siblings went to MoA (Mall of Asia) to watch the movie Sammy 2. Even though it rain so bad and the temperature here is cold, it didn't stop us to go and have a family day.

Actually the movie was kinda funny and I liked it. Then, after the movie we went to Market Market and continue our family day.

We took a walk at Sm Aura to catch some Pokemon (Nope, I'm not playing it yung mami ko at yung brother ko lang naglalaro.)

While strolling at the mall we took some OOTD photos  that day.
Yup, i should've wear some thick clothes.

We also saw some cotton candy not just plain but a beautiful flower Cotton Candy!

We decided to give it a try since my younger sister keep bugging us to buy it. From what I remembered you can choose a flavor to your cotton candy, it's either mix or just a single color it's up to you.

(Left to right: Green Apple, Melon, Grape, Bubble gum and Strawberry)

While waiting for your candy you can actually watch them how they made it. I was so relax watching while listening to some lullaby songs that they play on their music player it makes want to sleep. 

Almost done!

Tada! Isn't cute?

After they eat the cotton candy, we headed to our last /our favorite stop, Paper Moon Cafe. 


Fun fact: Im really obsessed at Matcha so if you ask me what's my favorite dessert or drinks, you know what's my answer ;) 

PaperMoon Cafe is located at Level 3, Sm Aura

And there it is! I hope you guys liked my post for today even though its corny af.

Guys im sorry if there's a wrong grammar or mispelled out there, mianhae.

See you on my next blog! Annyeong!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bite into the #BESTOPOTATO experience with Calbee

Hey guys its me again, sorry for the late post because im having a hard time on school plus those projects, assignment and stuffs that need to submit

Anyways, Jack 'n Jill Calbee has taken the besto potato experience to a whole new level as it invites everyone to bite into life's best experience with its #BESTOPOTATO pop-up store.

Drop by with your friends at the Jack 'n Jill Calbee #BESTOPOTATO pop-up store at the Bonifacio High Street on July 2 and 3, Alabang Town Center on July 16 and 17, UP Town Center on July 30 and 31 and Robinsons Place Manila on August 5 and 6 and other mall in the coming months.

Also, the pop-up store offers one-of-a-kind experiences with its activity booths. Get transported into an adventure-filled dimension in Jack 'N Jill Calbee's Virtual Reality Booth. See the wold in different perspective and have your creative snaphoto taken with the Jack 'N Jill Calbee Trick Art Booth. Try to catch as much cheese in a flurry inside a glass tube with the Jack 'N Jill Calbee Pizza Potato Game.

(Yipee! Been wanting to try this Virtual!)

(It looks real tho! Kawaii!!!)

(Look whos got her reward for completing the passport stamp).

Potato chips lovers can also experience what its like to be the star in front of the camera with Jack 'N Jill Calbee's TV Commercial Booth. And they can actually be part of the online video that will be released on the brand's Facebook Page, By simply picking their Calbee variant choice and saying why they love it, they instantly get the chance to be part of the online video.

The #BESTOPOTATO experiences gets better as Jack 'N Jill Calbee will raffle out three (3) all-expense-paid trips to Japan for four ( W O W). Every P199.00 worth of purchase in the pop-up store will entitle booth-goers to a raffle entry.

The Jack 'N Jill Calbee pop-up store will also be present in 15 universities Metro Manila. Students can delight in the pop-up store's fun activities and also get a chance to join its trip to Japan promo. To earn a raffle entry, students can post about their pop-up store experience on Facebook and include the hashtags #JacknJillCalbee #BESTOPOTATO and #TakeUsToJapan.

Jack 'N Jill Calbee is indeed #BESTOPOTATO for using only the best potatoes to ensure a premium and best tasting potato snack experience in every pack. Experience only the best by catching Calbee and its pop-up store around the Metro.

Bite into the best-tasting potato snacks of Jack 'N Jill Calbee and experience its fun and engaging activity booths by visiting Calbee #BESTOPOTATO pop-up stores in select mall in Metro Manila.

Fashion 21: All Day Matte Lipstick (review)

As some says, "If you're sad add some lipstick and attack." Fashion 21 has a collection of face powder compact, eye shadow palletes and now Fashion 21 have already released an All Day Matte Lipstick.

Im not really a lipstick lover because I dont put anything on my lips, but since its matte I'll give it a try. The All Day Matte Lipsticks are available in 15 colors there are Brown/nudes, pink and red.

Also the shape of the tube is bullet and its similar to MAC. The price is not expensive, it starts at P175.

My favorite color, Flamingo

My personal experience using the lipstick:
Its very lightweight because I dont like those heavy lipstick and also it doesn't dry my lips.

That's all! See you on my next blog!